5 – The Links and the Emigration stone


The Links in the snow - Dec 2011

The Links (an old Scottish word for sandy dunes or parkland) are at the North of town, providing a bridge between the Harbour and Fishertown. You could them describe them as the lungs of the town, a home for dogwalkers, kiteflyers, gala days, the shows (as the Herchers travelling funfair is known in the Highlands and Islands) and is also the school playground.

Blow your mind


east versus west

Racing for the line

They  provide a backdrop to the East Beach, and a good spot for wide panoramic shots of the Sutors. Although the headlands are modest in height, they do provide a perfect frame for a sunrise shot.

Snapped on the way to the office

Or for those still, still Winter days

The sea and sky merging

The Emigration stone, erected in 2002 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Hugh Miller, and recording both some of Millers earliest prose and the names of all the emigration ships that left Cromarty carrying folk to the new world, provide photographers with a number of different framing opportunities. Its a fascinating subject in itself:

Three cheers

Also providing opportunities for “clever” angles, and interesting depths of field:

Experiments in depth

As well as great snow and frost effects, as its exposed position to winter winds from the North, West and East mean its mass collects snow and ice in most particular ways:

A faint breeze

The stone itself is now an important visual element for the photographer when taking snaps on the Links. It can be used either as foreground interest for a Sutor shot;

Morning glow

Or as a prop, providing foreground interest in an otherwise wider people and cruise ship capture.

Peek a Boo